I conduct both qualitative and quantitative research in order to draw out connections and build meaningful and actionable insights.

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About Me

photograph of Pavel VanegasIn 2016 I obtained a master's degree in Information Management and Systems from the I School at UC Berkeley. I hold a master’s degree in Urban Education Policy from Brown University and a B.A. in Sociocultural Anthropology from Wesleyan University.

My Interests

I get excited by the prospect of being able to promote ideas and solutions by drawing out connections and through the integration and application of data. As a former educator, I look to leverage and effectively apply my research in a way that increases understanding and improves the decision-making process. My focus areas are in: UX Research, Information Visualization, and Data Analytics. I also enjoy soccer, art by Barry McGee, and listening to the radio.

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Kaiser Permanente

Conducted analyses on issues pertaining to Kaiser Permanente's digital initiatives. Specific project work focused on alignment and prioritization of ratings for PMG physicians.

National Union of Healthcare Workers

As a research analyst for a healthcare labor union, I work with data from multiple sources including employee-level HR data, legal and legislative data, and financial data.

UC Berkeley School/University Partnerships

As a college advisor at McClymonds High School in Oakland, California, I helped foster a college-going culture within the entire school community.

Shen Clinic

While at the Shen Clinic, my examination of customer sales data allowed me to provide creative new insights and enabled the Shen Clinic to make smarter business decisions resulting in improvements to the company’s bottom line.


Cover page for white paper on Kaiser Permanente's mental health services
Mixed Methods Study

Researched Kaiser Permanente’s staffing of mental health clinics. Entailed both qualitative and quantitative research.

Living wage chart showing cost of expenses
Living Wage

Developed visualizations to allow users to get a better understanding of minimum wage. Particular focus on cost of living in Alameda County.

Doctors San Pablo Medical Center in the San Francisco East Bay
Geospatial Project

Conducted a geospatial analysis of hospital employees and their work commute. Researched relevant legislation concerning employees proximity to hospitals.

Information visualization of soccer world cup players by professional league
World Cup Soccer Players

Developed d3.js graphic detailing the prevalance of professional soccer leagues in the 2014 World Cup.

San Francisco public schools transportation project image
Transportation Analysis

Conducted analysis of public transportation options at San Francisco's public high schools.

Dr Shens Chinese Medicine brochure for allergy products
Brochure Redesign

Created and designed new marketing brochures for Dr. Shen's LLC. This highlighted brochure presented the company's three most popular products. The final design was printed and sent out to over 200 retail stores.

Schoolpicker homepage screenshot

Developed a hi-fidelity website for parents seeking to pick the best school for their child. Used an iterative design process, including contextual inquiry and usability testing.

Survey snippet of online algorithmic personalization study
Algorithmic Personalization Study

A study of people’s current awareness of algorithmic personalization online and what practices they perceive as acceptable or fair.

Flight booking redesign using applied behavioral economics concepts
Flight Booking Redesign

A project that reexamines the online airline experience and proposes the design of a new style of flight search aggregator, incorporating behavioral economic strategies.

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pv (at) ischool.berkeley.edu